The Ambassador Is Still Screaming From The Rooftops

The end is neighing, or is it?

Llewellyn (Lew) Daniels
7 min readJul 10, 2022


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I wrote an article on March 11 this year. I called Robert McFaul the American version of Baghdad Bob in that article after reading the one-sided drivel on his Twitter account. McFaul was the American Ambassador from 2012 to 2014 in Moscow. He is also a Professor at Stanford University as I write this.

The article was not about the American people. In hindsight, it was not even about McFaul as a husband and father. It was about the American government and the people in positions of power. I could have applied the same logic to the UK and some EU countries then.

Even that early in this whole ‘war’ situation, I was frustrated and angry. Imagine the sphere of influence someone like McFaul has over our future leaders. This is a warning sign to our future generation.

To make sense of it all, I tracked McFaul’s Twitter timeline and added some of my comments on each tweet.

28-March-2022: McFaul — A couple of weeks before the situation in Ukraine became mainstream. The conflict in Ukraine has been raging since 2014 and before then, but it was not ‘newsworthy material’ back then. Putin has been telling his people that the US has been plotting regime change for over a decade. Outside of the West, though, that’s a good point.

Translation: Notice how he divides the WEST with everybody else? I am convinced he was not speaking for the majority of the American people. The American people want to be part of the Global collective. Wait till you see later how McFaul starts seeing the LIGHT and wants the WORLD to join him in his battle with Putin.

27-March-2022: McFaul — Michael McFaul: “Ukraine is Putin’s Afghanistan” | Washington Monthly

Translation: I was part of the think-tank behind the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. Let me tell you this; I know what happened there. Putin is doing the same thing. Even a fourteen-year-old can tell Bob these are two different regions on the WORLD map with entirely different cultures.

28-March-2022: McFaul — The West, to help diplomacy, needs to help President Zelenskiy produce a stalemate on the battlefield.



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