Jack Dorsey seems to think so and so do a lot of other people

I don’t know why I chose this pic. I guess it’s because it allows me to laugh at myself while writing this. Photo by Ningyu He on Unsplash

Who’s the monkey now? The VCs and their crowd with society laughing at them? Or is it the other way around? The VCs with their money are doing their thing again and they laughing at the gullibility of society?


There is now so much buzz and debate on Web3…

THE WEB 3.0 STORY #005

This is confusing and nobody seems to follow one plan. Everybody is pushing their own coin and none of it is about the Web.

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

For this series, I tried to trace the Web 3.0 journey starting from where the visionaries first talked about the potential of this technology. My journey was interrupted or side-tracked when Web3 entered the conversation.

Things got weird for me from that point onwards.

I was confused. Nothing made sense…

THE WEB 3.0 STORY #004

They slowed down the adoption of Web 3.0. to provide an escape door for their own technologies.

Image by Spaceship Art on Pixabay

Have you ever started to write something, look at all your notes, compare it with the industry's current state, and then become so frustrated that you somehow don't feel like writing the damn thing at all?

That's what happened to me with this article. I allowed my emotions to control…

THE WEB 3.0 STORY #002

The pictures and meme’s tell their own story

Image credit: Bitmart Research

The cover pic shows all new cryptocurrencies listed in November 2021 as per Bitmart Research at bitmart.com

The following pictures were captured on the thread of a tweet started by Elon Musk on 4th December 2021. It grabbed my attention since it mentioned WEB3 and Crypto in the same meme…

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