This is how structured analysis was used in this trial by the defense lawyer and the prosecutor

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His defense lawyer used one kind of structured analysis technique to make a case for her client. The state prosecutor used an entirely different technique. In the end, only one of them convinced the jury.

But before we run ahead of ourselves, let’s revisit a technique we already covered.


It’s not taught in schools but they are there for the taking

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“The next item on the agenda,” said Gavin Klette, president of Harvest Frozen Foods, “is adding a fourth truck to our fleet of trucks.” The senior company officers seated at the conference table gave him their full attention.

“When Graham proposed this a couple of months ago, we all dismissed…

You don’t have to be an academic to do adequate research

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Going from 0–100 in a new topic, subject or field is pretty difficult.

But that’s not because the info is inherently difficult; it’s probably because you lack a framework for getting it done.

Until now, that is.

These five steps of research, if executed thoughtfully and correctly, will give you…


The art of putting bread on the table even if you don’t need bread on the table.

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Dogs and other predators have natural hunting instincts. That’s why they tend to chase any smaller object which might run by them (and why you often hear the advice “Don’t move!” when confronted by a bear or other dangerous animal.)

A large dog might inadvertently hurt a visiting smaller dog…


It works every time

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I heard a piece of advice many years ago. It is discombobulated. The opposite of combobulated. It is based on self-inflicted reverse psychology. Dangerous when not used properly. Extremely effective when used masterfully. I will leave the research to you as an exploration of the mind. Be careful. …


Don’t let them push. Let them know you of the kind that pulls.

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When everything is a priority, nothing is a priority. That applies to our endeavors as well as those of the people we serve.

Our tribe. Our community. Our clients. Our customers. Our prospects. Our subscribers. Our patients. Our followers. All of them.

How many emails do you receive with the…

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